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Logs in Forest

We climb trees...
with a chainsaw!

Let go of the stress. We've got this.
Let us design a fast, safe and innovative solution to solve your tree problem.
The Mount Bulli Crew are qualified, experienced and have a proud record of delivering safely and efficiently on projects that others shy away from.
Get an experienced arborist & crew on your side to reach your project goals.

Tree Lined Path

Tree Pruning
Relax in a neat and tidy yard.
Enjoy the space we can help you create for you and your family...

Lumberjack Cutting Down Trees

Tree Removal
Rest easy knowing you're safe in your own backyard. We can remove troublesome trees safely and efficiently. 

Tropical Storm

Storm Clean Up
Uprooted trees, broken branches, impeded access, tree-mess!
We make it all go away! 

Pile of Logs
Mountain Landscape


Backyard Safety?

Damaged pipes or foundations?

Storm damage?

Renovations & Extensions?

My tree is too big!

Landscape project?

Tree overhanging house?

Leaves in gutters?

Too much shade in winter?

Forest Trees

The Mount Bulli team lead by Joe did a fine job on my large trees and removed
branches threatening my property and also removed much dead wood which
would have been lethal if it had dropped on me when I was mowing the grass.
All the branches which had been cut down were removed using the shredder
and everything was tidied up and as good as new.
The whole job was carried out most efficiently and I would recommend them
to anyone.

-Lawrence Y.


Open 24 hrs


0432 159 617


Free Consultation

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